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Resident Wife Life...Episode 3

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Table for 1

Have Your People Check with My Puppy

This note is dedicated to partners of medical residents or anyone whose partner's work schedule is more detailed than my makeup routine...cheers to embracing the crazy.

If I didn’t attend, as Elle Woods would say, “social events – you know, mixers, formals, clambakes, trips to the Cape”, when my husband was working, I would be a hermit crab. As we are aspiring to be equally as fabulous and friendly as Elle Woods, we must RSVP for a solo seat and show up to things. I’m talking drive yourself to the event, walk yourself on in, maybe chill alone for a bit and eventually meet a new friend or two (bond over what you are surely both watching on Netflix). I know I am not the only one excited for the full range of holiday themed romantic comedies headed our way this season...and don't get me started on the Downton Abbey movie (got literal chills during the preview)...

It's awkward to attend things alone and it can be so tempting to stay home-but friendships are your lifeboat during this crazy season. Cherish the friends you have and host a wine night for friends you haven't met yet. The Charlotte to your Carrie could be waiting to hangout. I know Levi wants to be at events and celebrations with me – but he can’t always. No need to worry. Just get a new tube of mascara and be the Belle of the ball.

And yes, even as adults it can be tough to show up alone, but I promise, after you get there-you'll have fun! Just like working out at the gym- getting out the door (and into your Lululemons) is the hardest part.

(my current fav mascara here mixed with this one)



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