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Mermaid Themed Birthday Party Details...

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Here are some fun photos and thoughts from my little chickie girl's first birthday party! I chose a mermaid theme because she loves the water. I know she is just 1, but the girl loves the tub and swimming at Gram's house. Unfortunately on the morning of the party, Oklahoma proved Carrie Underwood wrong ...there was definitely enough rain and wind. Hurricane style ya'll! We had planned on plenty of fun outdoor pool games; but we had to move everything inside and go with the flow. Cheers to mommin' it celebrating babies!

Pretty Pretty Cake Table

I'm all about the cake table as a focal point--who doesn't love cake? And I always want plenty of pretty spots for photos at parties. I purchased this gorgeous macrame for a wedding that I coordinated. I keep a closet of fabulous decor pieces that I can easily add event specific decor items to. Check out @ivy_wool for some beautiful macrame pieces. And what have I been saying for years? Balloons are so joyful and insanely underrated. Yes, they are taking a cue from kale and making a killer comeback!

Rainbow Chain Backdrop Ya'll. Did this take me 300 years to create? Yes. Yes, it did. But-heck I love it! Brought so much color to the party.

Rainbow Chain Backdrop Chillin with my Kennedy Girl

Mermaid Party Favors bc Mermaids Love Popcorn & Chocolate

Every kid's party needs a fun party activity, right? I channeled my high school years of making giant cheerleader style banners. I purchased enough stickers and crayons to make this thang a piece of art. Since we had to move the party indoors, this was a great activity to let the kids go wild and channel Vincent van Gogh!

KP Birthday Banner Pre-gorgeous Kiddo Art

This is what up. Make a Hob Lob run, get the sparkles and go to town.

I purchased this invitation template from Etsy and then bedazzeled the heck out of them!

What kind of mom would I be if i didn't invite Taylor Swift to my baby's birthday party?

Here are some fun Mermaid decor items you can grab for a perfect partay, click for linked purchase info:

Okay, here are a few of the gifts that friends brought my little girl that were so perfectly mermaid themed! If your kiddo loves mermaids or if ya'll are to attend a mermaid themed party soon-check out these cutie gift ideas:

Hope these ideas give you a little inspiration for a fun party!



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