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Drama on the Dream Team...

Every office, team, squad, department, group, gaggle or whatever has a touch of drama. Heck, sometimes it's just the right amount of entertainment. Other times, it can bring business to a sudden halt. Can I get an amen? Someone shows up late with Starbucks (not to share), wears questionable outfits to client meetings (No Karen, crop tops are not a good choice), constantly checks their Facebook page or even spends 75% of the workday trying to understand why someone else is succeeding more. Or my personal favorite... the shameless online shopper.

Some of the above items are just petty, right? You may have thought to yourself "my business has real problems, online shopping on company time is amateur hour." Maybe so, either way, how can you tell if YOU are the distraction aka the drama on the dream team?

Let's take a moment for self-reflection...

Answer the below questions to yourself...

1. Do you like your job? Ya know, Let's just get the juices flowing here.

2. If your boss asks you to stay late next Tuesday, how big of deal is that? Be honest with yourself. No one is reading your answers...

3. When someone asks what you do for a living, how long is your answer? Short and specific enough to ensure no followup questions? Or longer than all 4 Twilight novels stacked on top of each other?

4. In meetings at work, do you constantly (with ever noble blood) play "devils advocate" because we all know how important that is?

5. When Toby from HR calls a meeting to update a process, how annoying is that on a scale of 1-10?

6. When your boss asks you to do something trivial, in your mind do you go over all of the reasons why you're overqualified for the task? You know the ole' Joey Tribbiani from Friends "Don't they realize I was Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of our Lives?"

7. How many times have you said or thought the phrase "It doesn't matter, things don't ever change around here"?

Answer Key:

1. Fluff question for the birds to get you on the dance floor.

2. Staying late once in a while is no big deal for a person who loves their job and (this is the key) feels appreciated. Appreciated people act the part. Appreciated people don't care for drama.

3. This one is tricky. The short answer may mean you don't feel like explaining that you are insanely passionate about studying the migration of arthropods across the great plains...or it could mean that your job sucks the life out of you. If you love what you do-you like to talk about it. I've noticed this in myself throughout my career-when I work for an awesome organization or on a meaningful project- someone has to tempt me with donuts to change the topic. When you like your work, you are more likely to defend it- to shut down distractions... like drama.

4. Constantly playing devils advocate (especially when uninvited) can automatically elect you as the office Debbie Downer. Let's talk solutions people. When you're a results oriented rockstar, you don't have time for Debbie Downer's drama.

5. People who cannot adapt to simple process updates like recycling their La Croix cans...usually don't deal with any kind of change. Not a good look. But, when you can be flexible (Netflix's Navarro Cheerleader style), you don't get knocked down easy.

6. If you're too fancy to help clean the office...you're too fancy for the team. Food for thought.

7. You are in charge of your own destiny people. Make it happen. Repeat it to yourself "I am in charge of my own destiny" #boom

If someone is vulnerable enough to share an idea with you, be a push in a positive direction not an anchor to the status quo.

Because a new decade is upon us, a fresh start you could say. I encourage you to strut your soft-skills, sharpen your team by mentoring an up and comer in your office, share ideas freely and pursue the best version of your professional self. Might just be the perfect time to lean in.

More Business chats like this are in the works...stay tuned professionals, we have a lot to chat about.

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