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Courtney Recaps VOGUE March 2021 Issue...

Vogue Magazine Recap March 2021 Issue by Courtney Garrison

My Take on the March 2021 Issue of Vogue Magazine: “Creativity in Motion"...

Who is the cover girl for VOGUE March 2021?

@gigihadid is our cover girl & new mom queen. Welcome to club #GirlMom! She gave birth (all naturally btw 💪🏼) at her family’s farm in PA w/ @zayn by her side… singing “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin to her every night, right?…Congrats new parents! PS- Gigi’s mom outlook is gorgeous & don’t get me started on the blue Versace dress…amazing.

Whats Trending in the Vintage and Secondhand Fashion Market?

Sites like @therealreal, @rebagofficial & others have taken the resale market by storm (to the tune of 25 times faster than regular retail)… According to VOGUE, 48% of Millenials or Gen Z-ers site #Sustainability as their motivation for for rockin’ the resale rally. Imagine investing in ONE luxury item, loving it well & then consigning it for the next beautiful piece. Luxury fashion for all ya’ll! Shop Vintage & Shop Luxury!

Moira Rose Would be Proud...

P.S. Moira Rose from @schittscreek creek would be so proud of us using our luxury purses as currency. A win win for a fashion girl on a budget! Plus, Luxury brands are in on it too- gone are the days of a brand selling to just one end user- rather- brands are thinking of their end user as many individuals & helping facilitate the exchange in the now booming, secondhand-apparel market.

Is Winged Eyeliner a Must Try?

VOGUE says winged eyeliner is in! Channel your inner rocker girl & give it a try (Probably because we’ve been covering the half of our faces for a year).

Jewelry Brand Swarsvski Hires a New Creative Director...

@Swarsvski hired a Creative Director for the first time in their history (so nice to meet you, @Giovannaengelbert)- stay tuned for “Vibrant & Playful” jewels (shoutout to their new IG vibe).

My Favorite Fashion Editorials...

Fav Fashion Editorials: @jimmychoo@dolcegabbana@maisonvalentino@versace The spotlight series on "Creativity in Motion" was just beautiful. Fashion photographed all over the globe (shoutout to Kendall Jenner for shooting her own Givenchy moment in LA via drone).

What Influencers Flourished in 2020?

Creative Connectivity-A hint on which influencers brought joy in 2020 & how... they were authentic & freely shared their gifts w/the world. Start the creative endeavor now girl. The world needs you!

Drop a comment below if you’ve read the mag & your fav takeaway ♥️

Congratulations to Anna Wintour and the VOGUE Magazine family-always creatively and personally inspiring.



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