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Celebrating Two Months of Blogger Life

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Its been 2 months since we started sharing these chats...

I've got some highlights for you!

  • Bachelor in Paradise has almost come to an end and football season is ramping up...

  • My husband and I both celebrated birthdays and I wrote an embarrassingly detailed review of Taylor Swift's new album: Lover (you can find that post here)

  • I have loved reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones!

Everyone has had fabulous feedback on my posts--please keep it coming!

The most hilarious and fun feedback has come from my random playlist posting. To my delight, you all had requests for things to be added -styles of all kinds.

I decided to do a playlist roundup! I even added one more playlist to the mix "Chill Vibes"

When You Need Jesus

Country Jammin'

High Knees Ladies

Chillin Vibes

What songs need to be added ya'll?



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