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All Things Glamour..episode 1

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Certain things instantly take you back to different phases of life. I can vividly remember the Christmas morning when I opened my purple sparkly caboodle. Never has someone cherished an item like I cherished my caboodle. It was to carry all of my glamour products in… what could be more valuable? Scoot over Lite-Brite. There is a glam girl in town.

Dr. Pepper lip smackers. Light purple eyeshadow. Sparkles for my temples. Peach Nectar and Cucumber Melon body spray. Even then, I understood the importance of a signature scent. Branding people. More on that later.

Fast-forward a million years… I didn’t grow out of it. Do you think when we were kids, we were just shorter versions of ourselves? I love so many of the same things and so many of the same people. Yes-it took me a while to just relax and grow into who I am now, but a lot about me is the same as when I was little.

From Lite-Brite to Lippy Love

My love for makeup and all things beauty is real. I want to smell it, try it, buy it, create something fun with it, recycle & repeat. I’m obsessed with the packaging and marketing too. I think creativity is fabulous and makeup can be a beautiful expression.

How do you know you can trust my observations? Maybe you only remember me from high school… a rough time…for my brows... I plucked them within an inch of their life thinking one sole hair could support the pressure of the brow arch. I’m here to happily share with you what I have learned-sometimes the hard way. AKA listen to your mom when she says you should stop plucking your brows so much!

Why worry about material things like makeup and glamour when you're accomplishing life just fine without the fuss? The truth is something you've heard before, but need to put it in the context of yourself. For life, RIGHT NOW. You are worth the time. You are already wonderfully investing in your relationships with your spouse, kids, family and friends. Your energy is focused outward. Serving others brings incredible joy and fulfillment. Take some time to invest in you. Yes, you are beautiful without mascara-of course! You were perfectly designed by the creator of the universe-you don't need lipgloss. But, I want you to feel beautiful and worthy of taking a little bit of time for yourself. I’m talking 15 minutes here people. You’ll have fun! And hopefully treating yourself to a little R&R and glamour will give you a boost to better love on others-I bet it will.

Ladies… start your popcorn and your pour…

Rule #1… there are no rules. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something. No dark lip colors in the summer? You do you. No pink blush in the winter? You do you. The focus needs to just be on the look you want to create for that moment. Also making sure YOU are wearing the look, not the other way around.

Don't let your bronzer speak louder than you!

I am happy to introduce you to some of my glam favs, these are tried and true fabulous:

1. Concealer for all:

2. Beauty blender for the fabulous. These help conserve your product and add moisture to the application. Wet it first then dab on product. We can talk baking and setting techniques soon. I have dry skin so this helps immensely:

3. Rose water spray and toner for everyone and everything luxurious. Spray it on your face at all times. In the AM in the PM. Before makeup, after makeup, during the day to freshen your makeup. All of the time:

4. Mascara for what’s missing in your life. I switch out mascara brands all of the time as to keep my lashes on their toes-these are what I am currently using (mixed together). I do a couple layers of each:

5. Spiral hair tie. People. Your pony has potential:

6. Lip love to make your life… you cannot have enough lip options. You simply cannot. It’s a life long collection and journey of self-discovery. And since today is National Lipstick Day, I included a handful of my current favorites:

Night out on the books…But first…a full day of babies, meetings & errands? Let me break down the plan for you:

  • Throw on your brows, don’t want to scare the barista. I use a spoolie brow brush first, then swipe on some eyeshadow with a slant brush over any area of my brow that needs some love. Pro-tip, wet your brush for better application and darker color. Think small strokes.

  • Blend on some concealer under your eyes. Why? Because I haven’t had an uninterrupted night of sleep in 14 months… looking a little Halloweeny if you know what I’m saying. I thought maybe you working girls, students or new moms could relate.

  • Pop on your bright lippy. Because you’re not on your way somewhere, you’re here right now. Some days need more lipstick than others. Easier to brighten someone else’s day when you’re lips showed up early with donuts.

  • Spiral hair ties can change your pony situation from the colonial apprentice to Ariana Grande level fab.

Rock the gym, knockout meetings and errands like it’s easy and cuddle babies like they’re growing up… fast. Night out makeup looks coming soon-stay tuned.

Research that would make my grad school professors proud:

  • I have a well-tested theory that lashes do better during evening events when they have had a day of R&R. Meaning -I give them a little serum in the morning and let them be product free all day. They must breath. Then those suckers show up with mascara for a night out. Fierce.

  • Another well-tested theory… a bright lip when you have little or no other makeup on works. Its stylish. Its fashion. Its like you don’t have you’re look fully on at the moment, but you’re obviously a gorgeous glam girl with your life together.

  • Truth for the road: spray you’re gorgeous perfume always. Gym. Errands. Work. Date night. Whatever. It’s always nice to rock a beautiful fragrance. We can talk later on different scents. The below scent is what I am wearing right now- It smells so awesome. Its nice to have a chic scent on even when I'm changing diapers or running errands.

Alright, you gorgeous people… this is a start. More everyday glam chats coming your way soon. If you want to talk something specific here-don’t let it lie-give me a shout.



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