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A Toast to Three OKC Spots...

Happy Friday! Here is a quick roundup of a few OKC restaurants we have visited lately. Have you all been to these places? If you have a fabulous OKC recommendation--don't hesitate a single moment in telling me! I love trying new restaurants and OKC has some amazing ones. There is just not enough time in the day to see all that OKC has to offer; however, for now I'll happily toast to the local spots serving up awesomeness for our city!

If you missed my first post on OKC spots you'll love, check it out here!

The Jones Assembly

Are you even trendy if you don't eat here? I'm definitely not cool enough to hang here regularly; but, when I have a chance to-I jump on it! Interesting drinks, delicious food options and everything from the 1950s vibe vintage drinking glasses to the funky wall art is instagram worthy.

Where to Eat in OKC
When your BF is a fab photog & the setting is trendiest.

Oklahoma restaurants
Truffled Mushroom Pizza & Chardonnay everyday please.

Hatch: Early Mood Food

Literally the tastiest pancakes. Most fabulous fresh fruit. This place is loud with hustle & bustle-you're sure to see a friend or two. Coffee/espresso was just so so, but Levi and I are coffee obsessed so we're always searching for the most FABulous. Overall this place is a little golden nugget!

oklahoma blogger girl mom
Looking at me like, mom I need more from this arts and crafts vibe. Glitter and glue gun anyone?

OKC Toddler Mom Blogger
The vibe is just happy at Hatch! Coffee+pancakes is our happy place!

Toddler Mom Oklahoma City Blogger
This girl takes her job as baby restaurant critic...very seriously.

Social Capital

The most exciting thing happening in OKC last weekend was most positively the grand opening of our now dear ScissorTail Park. My family and I enjoyed the park on Saturday afternoon and Oh My Heavens! it was SO hot. Like as in, my eyebrows half melted off type situation.

My ever trendy sister, Rachel Merritt, suggested we meander across the park to a new drinkery, Social Capital. We were literally so thirsty and hotter than the sun as we entered. And then HELLO air conditioner from Heaven. Open space, adorable seating and hints of tasty treats. The guys were pumped at the local beer selections on tap. I was pumped to see a cheese tray on the menu. Nothing warms my heart like a cheese tray with wine.

The place is kid friendly. The restricted areas are marked separately so our toddlers can run wild in the open spaces. I think they must have seen us coming... not sure. My BF, John Mayer was playing, Pinot was chilled and there was a cheese board with my name on it--they MUST have known I was coming. This place checked all the boxes as a top notch stopover!

Oklahoma Blogger Beer Suggestions
All smiles from Garrison girls. Wine for the tall one, milk for the cute one and chill vibes for all.

Oklahoma Craft Beer blog

Have a FABulous Friday Ya'll!



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