• Courtney Garrison

A Birthday Party for a Princess...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hire a Princess or Character Actor to attend your kiddo's birthday party? My husband and I just wrapped up a small backyard soiree and chose to hire an actress to attend as Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen. Below are our responses to the frequently asked questions we've received since hiring a Princess to attend our daughter's birthday party... Warning: Kids will be singing "Do You Want to Build A Snowman?" until Olaf and Sven record a new version, ha!

How Old is Your Child?

Our daughter, Kennedy Pearl, turned 3 last week and we hosted a small backyard soiree to celebrate her. What a blessing it is once again to safely invite family and her close friends to our home. The day before Kennedy's party last week, the CDC announced that vaccinated adults could safely be indoors without a mask-amen, hallelujah! I ordered extra donuts and invited our whole dang family.

How Old Were Your Party Guests?

Kennedy's guests were 6 months old to ten years old. My philosophy on kids parties is line with Reese Witherspoon's from her book Whiskey in a Teacup, the party should be crazy fun for the kids and there shouldn't be more adults than kiddos.

What Were The Day Of Event Logistics Like?

Our Princess Anna texted me the morning of the event to introduce herself and advise how her visit would go. She would show up, Mary Poppins style, on our street two houses down to meet me and talk Princess particulars. Just as planned she arrived seemingly to the kids, straight from Arendelle and sweetly asked my Kennedy:

"Would it be okay if I joined your party and played for a short while?" -Princess Anna

She navigated nervous toddler interactions and excited kiddo hugs with grace and royal (if you will) intuition. She brought a small speaker playing crowd favorites such as "Let it Go" and "Love Is an Open Door". She had supplies to paint Olaf, Sven, Snowflakes, Crowns and Castles on sweet cheeks. It brought a perfect focal point to the party.

Do You Recommend Hiring A Character or Princess for A Child's Party?

We hadn't hired an actor/actress in the past, but were inspired to after seeing so many fun Princesses in their natural habitat in The Magic Kingdom at Disney World just last week. My daughter was just delighted (putting it lightly) to see Princess Anna. I absolutely recommend a Princess visiting your child's party. It is so important that you use a reputable organization (like Princess and Character Parties in Edmond, OK) to ensure the actor is trained to engage with kids of all ages.

Something about bringing the magic from their favorite books and films to life (even if just for a few minutes) is so sweet to see and be a part of. Yes, I was worried it could be awkward or cheesy, but I promise, my daughter will not soon forget that Princess Anna attended her 3rd birthday party. She says "My friend Anna came and it was so much fun to see her!'

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