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Three OKC Restaurants Worth Writing Home About...

Levi and I love to eat. We love to try new restaurants and act fancy. We have a room in our budget for Chick-fil-A; but we have hearts for prime steak (well Levi does, I'm having a vegetarian moment). Each year for celebrations (I'm talking birthdays, Valentines, anniversaries, National No Pants Day..etc.)...We party like two foodies destined for greatness.

As Dave Ramsey says, we don't really have any business in a fancy restaurant unless we are working there. We do rock a budget most of the time. However, we set aside money to enjoy some of Oklahoma City's tastiest eateries for special occasions.

Levi has a crazy schedule and as a toddler mom, most of my days involve trying to read The Pout Pout Fish to a child who is busy training for the Boston Marathon. But every blue moon, the stars align and we go out to dinner. Honestly, we don't do it near enough. I preach all the time about the importance of taking time for your spouse. For us, that usually means an evening walk around our little neighborhood. I think spending quality time doesn't have to be a fabulous date night-but heck, sometimes its nice to show off my latest Poshmark finds!

Here are a few restaurants we have loved in the last few months...

The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro

Red PrimeSteak

Redrock Canyon Grill

I would put every one of the aforementioned restaurants in the classic OKC category-places you can rely on to be fabulous. Every. Time. None of them are new, but they are hella tasty. The Metro made an Old Fashioned that could have convinced me the Backstreet Boys were better than NSYNC. Red Primesteak is literally, I don't want to brush my teeth after eating here tasty. And special huzzah to the waiter who didn't faint when I asked for veggie options (salad and Mac & Cheese). The Perfect Margarita at Redrock is an OKC staple and I'm obviously ordering extra sweet glazed carrots to go.

How do you and your spouse spend quality time together? If you are foodies like us, where are your favorite #OKC spots?



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