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2020 Athletic Wear sale rally & my current favorite lipstick...

A new decade is upon us! Levi and I have chosen our word for the year, jumped into our Bible reading plan and I have even heard rumblings of running some part of the OKC Memorial Marathon (anyone else thinking about it?) I have needed to brush up my collection of workout apparel, so I rallied some of the best deals I have nabbed so far. Check out my below choices and let me know where you shop for your athletic fabulousness...

Just to keep things authentic, I also included a link to my current favorite lipsticks. Are they insanely expensive? I'm afraid so-this is a treat yourself moment. Levi got me two colors of Givenchy: Le Rouge Deep Velvet Lipstick color 10 in Beige Nu and Le Rouge color 333 in L'intetdit. Never has this gal felt so fancy. I recommend doing something fancy for the new year ya'll-its so fun!

(Yes yes yes, I wear lipstick to the gym what up-cheers to being you in 2020! tehe)

Click here is my current workout playlist!

Round 1 includes Deals and Steals... Round 2 includes all things Fabulous. Happy Shopping and Bachelor watching.



Round 1: DEALS & STEALS ...from $7 up to $35

Round 2: Fabulous Finds

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