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2019 Christmas Gift Guide for GUYS...

I write this to you in hopes to spark some fresh inspiration in your gifting. It's also very descriptive of my husband-things he has and things I need to buy him for being a cute Veteran. The shopping season is upon us, time to look alive and put our techy skills to good use. I love gift giving-Leslie Knope style-a gift for every day for every friend type of giving. Some of these things will be on my hot pursuit list for Black Friday and some of them are oldies but goodies. I hope you find something special for your special people.

Good luck, happy shopping ya'll!



*Also, if you need a gift guide for the gals in your life, click here.

1. Cologne

You may have figured out that I love a fabulous scent. After years of searching, spritzing and sale shopping, I believe to have found the best cologne on the planet. Buy it for the men in your life and prepare them for the side effects of smelling amazing. People everywhere randomly hugging! ha! Check it out here: Prada Black

Honorable mention to this scent, it is fabulous as well. Check it out here: Armani Code

2. Socks

Yes, you read that right. Gals love gloss on their lips & leopard belts on their hips...no reason a dude's accessories can't be on point as well. You don't need these exact ones (I chose wine and cheese, ha!). The point is just grab some at your local boutique or JCREW like these

3. Apple Watch/Air Pods

Ya'll know the deal. These are both killer gifts. They aren't cheap. In my mind, these are the big gifts of the season. Tread lightly. We are on a budget, remember? However-they are Apple so you know they are awesome. If these are in your budget-getting these for your guy will definitely buy you a season or two of Bachelorette watching over basketball. Your call.

4. Sweatpants

Because every dude needs some awesome sweatpants! These are literally the softest version out there. Check them out here.

5. Knife for the Outdoor Type

Only for the responsible humans... Levi loves his and literally uses it for everything. If you think your guy may like to have one, this one is pretty great.

(adding a photo of a knife seems weiirddd, lol just click link above)

6. Settlers of Catan

If ya'll don't already play this game, you must. Its so fun! Always great to get a gift ya'll can enjoy together and with friends. You'll love it! Check it out here.

7. Sonos Speakers

Ya'll- we will be on hot pursuit of these suckers on Black Friday, but here is the deal... These are amazing. They have options for different budgets, check them out here!

8. Hat Game

It's a simple but goodie gift. Here is an easy delightful addition to any hat game, check it out here!

9. Whiskey

(for 21 years of age or older, to be enjoyed responsibly) Pop by your local shop and grab:


10. Whiskey glasses

Well because us girls have fab wine glasses so its only fair. Grab them here.

11. Decanter

Maybe just if they like whiskey, this is pretty little addition. Grab it here!

12. National Park Throw Blanket

Cozy blanket but cool for a guy, check it out here.

13. House shoes

Yes, I realize this is making my husband seem super boujie, ha! He doesn't have these (or everything on this list), but my BIL does and I need to get Levi a pair. Check them out here.

14. Robe

Its fancy ya'll. Check it out here.

15. Wallet

Wallet for the funky stylish

Wallet for the classic stylish.

Good luck, hope all of your guys love their gifts!



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